pre-release promotion for singles EPs albums globally

a.k.a. - we build hype around your upcoming release that creates momentum.

All campaign plans include:

  • a written artist profile
  • interactive electronic press release (EPK)
  • Submission to popular blogs, podcasts, playlists & influencers. 
  • Bold web-optimized multi-channel platform content. 
  • Cross-platform digital marketing of videos, and images with SEO-responsive hashtags and placement.
  • Promotion personalized to your core brand to journalists, radio & print publications through a professional media network.


Most frequent questions and answers

The most popular approved is 2 weeks for singles, 3 weeks for EPs and 4 – 6 weeks for albums.

All campaign periods are by quote only. Over time we see that campaigns can not be cookie cutter pricing. 

Simple. Every artist and band is unique. They have different histories, backgrounds & goals.

Our database isn’t cookie cutter or one genre. It brings in all music styles. However, we may see a release able to optimize with either a large part of our network or a smaller one. Why should an artist or band pay for something that they may not use? 

Cookie cutter PR packages are not in the best interest of our clients. 

Singles, 2 week period $149.00 to $299.00. Eps, 3 week period $249.99 to $479.00. Albums, 4 week period $399.00 to $649.00.

Yes. Any service can be paid on a monthly recurring basis. Annual payments are adjusted at a 25% discount. All of this is by quote, then we work with the artist towards the best payment solution for them. 

Prior to a campaign 50% of the total pricing is required. This is not refundable. If a campaign is rescheduled this deposit is credited to the next campaign. A week before kickoff the remainder is due. Once a campaign kicks off, the fee is not refundable. 

Please submit your request either by email to or complete the form directly below the FAQ. Music must be submitted by email with a request. MP3, .wav or .aiff files are accepted.